Website Design, Management & Consultation

Times are tough, probably the most tough they’ve ever been. If you are a small business, it’s probably worse. Business & commerce often take a backseat to health, wellness & safety. Maybe you’re stay afloat, or maybe you’re an island. Or maybe you’re just treading water.

Promoting yourself and your brand must factor in word of mouth and “shareability.” Do you have a product people should know about? Is what you’re promoting and saying beneficial to a client base? Will it make you money? Will it make others money?

How do you get people to know about you?

Facebook posts can only get you so far. People like a connection, a digital home and footprint they can connect with and gauge who you are as a person or a company.

A website is quick and easy to access, and (usually) doesn’t require a password from the public.

We can get started today on your dream digital home.

WriteIdeaMedia will take you through the entire process: from setup and design to page building and content creation. We draft a preliminary scheme and layout of your site, address the important topics you want to convey on the site, discuss aesthetics and page design, and organize subscription costs for hosting and domains.

We also provide the option to use our services for necessary maintenance and upkeep of websites.

WriteIdeaMedia also offers a unique consultation service to its client base. We can critique and review already-established websites for any errors, recommendations, and the like, in order to help your website’s SEO and reach.

Our rates begin as low as $30 per hour. Rates vary depending on a number of factors, including project length, project difficulty, page count, and scheduling. Let us work together toward a solution.

Our expertise includes Wordpress, HTML, CSS, Squarespace, Wix, CMS platforms, various page builders, et cetera.

We are skilled in Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office.

WriteIdeaMedia is passionate about creativity, aesthetic design, and trying new ideas to grab the attention of existing and potential new clients. To us, any “web surfer” is a new opportunity.

Contact us on here or email us to get started on building your fame