Advanced Services, Ghostwriting & More

Writing can go beyond the scope of your usual press releases, newsletters, blogs and feature articles, and end up in a vast region of novel ideas.

Writing can also be scary. It doesn’t come easy to some people.

Who you gonna call? Ghostwriters.

WriteIdeaMedia will work with you to write and publish your next journal, book, novel, e-book, what-have-you.

If you’re afraid to write – or just don’t know how – you can confide in us. We’ll be your ghostwriter, but we will make sure it is your story. We like to listen to our clients and react with aesthetic, fascinating work to result in a great product.

We always research before we write and we ask questions when we need to.

Our advanced writing services run the gamut from technical writing and creative writing to desktop publishing and ghostwriting.

Contact us to learn about our rates for advanced writing services, as they vary based on project commitment, project timeline and depth of research.